A Better Way of Being
Our Mission Statement
To make a positive difference
to people’s lives through
Meditation Therapy

An integrated approach to - 

Anxiety & Stress Relief Naturally                 

 Using the mind's natural ability to:

• Ease obsessive or repetative thoughts

• Increase the feeling of calm and ease in everyday life

• Increase Patience & Resilience

• Improve the Body’s Immune Function

• Assist in the relief of Pain 

• Transform Angry Reaction into Calm Response

 Using Stillness Meditation Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation Techniques to integrate simple and sustainable changes that naturally improve mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
 Call Rii M:04033 04044 or E:- info@riimitchell.com.au
In the Calm and the stillness. Healing, that's all.'
Ainslie Meares


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"Thankyou Rii for getting me started on my SMT journey. Your patience, openness, enthusiasm and ability to connect were just what I needed to get myself moving in the right direction.               Thank you!"  Michael (USA)